Frequently Asked Questions

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For businesses

Businesses can easily become a RefillStation by registering on our website www.RefillMyBottle.com. After you fill in your information, you will receive an email with tools (stickers or map of local pick up point) to set up your RefillStation. Once you post your picture of the RefillStation with your displayed sticker on your social media tagging us at @RefillMyBottle, within a week, you will be uploaded onto the map and receive the confirmation of your registration by e-mail, as well as key information of the community.
Yes, registering as a RefillStation is totally free. We believe that this is key to quickly have an extended network of RefillStations so Refillers start refilling their bottles in many locations.
In the final confirmation e-mail, RefillStations get access to the RefillStation Guide. This tool will gives businesses information about the community and your role as a RefillStation, as well as ideas on how to track your impact. RefillStations also get access to the promotion resources pack, so you have all the logos they need to communicate about RefillMyBottle on social media and their websites.
Yes you can charge for water, but it is important to keep the fee minimum (max. price should be no higher than a bottle of water). We are big fans of Nazava water filters from Social Impakt and highly recommend them. They enable you to filter your tap water to become drinkable water for a very affordable price. See more at http://www.social-impakt.com
Businesses can pick up a sticker at any of our pickup points or print their own from the promotion resources pack that we send to RefillStations when they register.
All water provided by our RefillStations needs to be clean drinking water, but it’s up to them how your source your water. In areas where the tap water is not potable, RefillStations use either filtered water or water from gallons. If you are looking for an affordable and reliable water filter, we highly recommend Nazava water filters available from http://www.social-impakt.com

For Refillers

At any one of our RefillStations. You can find your local RefillStation by checking out our map at www.RefillMyBottle.com or by downloading the app (search: RefillBali or follow the link on our website).
It depends on the RefillStation - some charge a minimal fee to cover the cost of the water. If they do charge, the fee will always be less than buying a bottle of water. You can identify which stations are free and which ones charge a small fee using the map on our website.
RefillStations always provide clean drinking water. Where tap water is unsafe to drink, this may come from a gallon or a filter.